Managing Artwork Images

Managing Artwork Images

Artwork Images

You can store a virtually unlimited number of artworks for each artwork in Tessera. When you add a new artwork you can add single artwork. Once the artwork is created you can add any number of additional images and select which image should be the Primary Image for the artwork.

  1. On the Artwork Edit Screen, and throughout Tessera, it’s the Primary Image that’s displayed. This is the image you’ve selected to represent the artwork from the ones available for the current artwork. You can select just one of the images for each artwork to be the Primary Image. Click in this area with the photos to enlarge the photo and access more controls.


Artwork controls available on zoom

Clicking on images in the Artwork Component reveals an enlarged image with several options available.

  1. Use this button to create an email in your default email client with the Primary Image and basic artwork details
  2. Download the image to a selected location
  3. Add additional images for the current artwork
  4. Open the Image Manager for this artwork


Image Manager

The Image Manager screen gives access to a wider range of tools for managing the images for the current artwork and for the current artist.

  1. Use this button to add a new image, images can also be pasted into the image field.
  2. Use to show a list of all artworks by this artist allowing you to select which related artworks images you want to work with and to see which artworks don’t have an image.
  3. The starred image is the Primary Image used throughout Tessera.
  4. Make any image for the current artwork the Primary Image by using this icon.
  5. Use this icon to edit the selected image.

Image Edit Screen

  1. Replace the current image.
  2. Delete the displayed image.
  3. Show range of details for the current image file.
  4. Copy the current image to the Clipboard with option to select image size.
  5. Add general comments.
  6. Open your email client with text on the current image and the image attached.
  7. Export image.
  8. Select to reduce size of current image.


Storing images within Tessera

Tessera defaults to storing images within the Tessera file. When prompted to insert an image when working on the desktop you’ll see an option in the Insert dialog box to Store only a reference to the file.

With this option selected only a reference to the original file will be stored in Tessera. The image file, or other electric document, will remain where it lives in a folder on a hard-drive somewhere on your network or on your local computer.

This keeps the file size of Tessera smaller but changes to the file name of the image or of the directory/folder where the file is stored will break the link and remove the image. It also means when backing-up Tessera you will have to ensure all related media is also included.

For most situations leaving this option unchecked is the best choice. Images will be stored within Tessera, which will increase the file size, but Tessera is able to manage very large data sets and with inexpensive backup options available you have the security of knowing that backing up Tessera will backup all related media files as well.

You can also be sure that inadvertent changes to folder and network device names will not apparently remove images and other electronic media from Tessera.

Importing Multiple Images into Tessera

If you have a folder of images you want to import into Tessera then follow these steps and new artworks will be created one for each artwork. You can then add details to each artwork in turn before committing them to Tessera.

  1. Use the Import button on the Home Screen and select to import artwork records.


Import Options

  1. Select to Find images to import


Import dialog

  1. Select to import a folder of images.
  2. Find and select the folder.


Import dialog

  1. The only item you need to import is the one named Image which needs to be aligned with Image on the right side of the import dialog box.


 Once imported you’ll be on the import artworks screen and each artwork image will be attached to a new artwork record. Make and editing changes before committing the artworks to Tessera.