Copying Artwork and Image Data

Copying Artwork and Image Data

Copy Artwork Data

Often you’ll want to copy text details of an artwork to the Clipboard.

  1. Access the Tool icon while in the Artworks Component and use the Copy button.


Copy Artwork Settings

  1. The Settings tab where you select the fields and other text you want to place in the Template.

    From the drop-down menu select the field you want to include then use the Insert button to place it into the Template.

    You can place tabs between items by selecting the “Tab” item also available in the drop-down menu. This way, you’ll be able to reinstate tabs once you’ve pasted the result into your word-processor by adding tabs to the word-processor text-ruler.

    Manually enter your own text where required. For example, if you want the phrase “Title:” to appear before each occurrence of the title of the artwork then you’d place…

    Title: <<Artwork Title>>

    …in the Template.

    On Desktop devices use your formatting menu to select typeface, type size and text styling.


Copy Artwork details

Use the Result tab to review the details for the current artwork being browsed and to access the Copy to Clipboard button as well as the option to copy the current image to the Clipboard at various sizes