Purchase Report

When you enter artworks and other items in the artwork component you enter the stock level at the same time with the option to add the price you paid for the artwork.

The Purchase Report allows you to report on amounts spent purchasing artworks.

Recap on recording purchase amounts

When creating new artworks you had the option of adding the amount paid as well as the level of stock to the new artwork.

  1. If you want to add more stock you access the stock management screen from the Artwork Edit screen.


Adding stock and a purchase price

  1. Information on the stock screen shows for this artwork that two stock entries have been made. One for one artwork and one for twelve artworks. This indicates that this is likely to be an item you regularly sell that can be restocked such as jewellery.
  2. Here you can see the calculation used to show the remaining artworks in stock. .
  3. To add additional stock use the Add Stock button.


Entering Stock Details

  1. Enter the actual date of entry as this will be used in the Purchase Report.
  2. General comments for your use
  3. Add the amount for the individual price for this artwork
  4. For regions where prices are inclusive of tax
  5. Tax rates will have automatically been entered from Tessera Preferences
  6. Where need be you can edit the tax amount manually
  7. Enter the number of item to add


Reporting on these amounts paid for stock

  1. Access the Purchase Report from the Home Screen.



Purchase Report Features

  1. Control what artworks are displayed by entering a date range into the date filter.
  2. Select individual items for the option to return to the artwork to edit stock details.