Tessera comes with one user account for the Tessera file username “Tessera” the password for this account is initially left blank.

Tessera is pre-set to open using this account with the password automatically set to be blank.

Consequently when you initially open Tessera you see no prompt for a password.

It is recommended that you alter the password for the Tessera account to enable basic security for your Tessera file.

To do this visit the Tessera Preferences Screen and use the Password Protect Button. You’ll be prompted to enter the existing password (initially leave this field blank) followed by the new password you want to use.

Once this has been altered you will be prompted every time you open Tessera to enter the new password and will not be able to access Tessera without doing so.

Resetting the Tessera Opening Password

If you lose access to the Tessera Opening Password then the only way to reset it is to download a new copy of Tessera from and import your existing data. When you open the new file the password will have been reset to be blank.

This means if someone can physically get hold of your Tessera data file there is a possibility that they could follow this prcedure to open your data file. However this cannot be done remotely and means they would have to physically obtain a copy of your file which would be difficult especially of the Tessera is hosted using FileMaker Server either locally or with FileMaker Cloud.

Tessera also has a second level of security through the use of Tessera User Accounts which when enabled provides additional layers of security.

Tessera Security through use of Tessera User Accounts

Tessera can be run without user accounts enabled but it’s recommended that you enable user accounts to at least have an Admin user.

The Admin user is responsible for setting up user security accounts and for giving passwords to each account.

Basic User Account Settings

  1. User accounts has to be enabled to access any of these security features.
  2. The Admin Settings button gives access to the Admin user account settings.
  3. The Admin user can add any number of users and give them passwords and different access privileges.
  4. Read the caution carefully. Once user accounts are enabled you can only access Tessera using a username and password.


Setting up an Admin user account in Tessera

  1. Use the Admin Settings button.
  2. Specify an Admin password. (The Admin username cannot be altered).


Setting up a Tessera User Account

  1. Specify a Username and Password for each user.
  2. Select to deactivate this user temporally when required.
  3. Check the features you want to allow the user to access.


User Account Details

  1. Changes to user account settings have no effect if the user is currently logged in. Any changes made to the user account only become active from the next time that user signs in.
  2. If your Admin password is lost: Download a new copy of Tessera and import your data. After an update Tessera user names security is disabled.
  3. Tessera user accounts is a simple system designed for a trusted group of employees to use Tessera with preventions in place to prevent errors. It is not designed as a robust security system.

User Account in action

  1. When in use Tessera stores the active user details when Artworks, clients and sales are created and can be viewed as shown here.