Statements of Account

If you have invoices outstanding you’ll want to produce statements for clients.

  1. Access the Reports screen from the Tessera screen and use the Incomplete Invoices button.




Incomplete Invoices

  1. Print a list detailing all amounts currently outstanding.
  2. Leave this screen and return to the Invoice Component to view all unpaid invoices listed on screen.
  3. Access the Statement screen where statements of account can be printed.
  4. Export outstanding amounts and details to a spreadsheet.
  5. Sort unpaid invoices by clicking on column headers.
  6. Click on invoice button for more invoice details.


Printing and exporting Statements

If you use the Produce Statement… button you’re taken to this screen.

  1. As with the Invoice Component you can specify how statements will look once printed using the Statement Preferences feature.
  2. Select a statement to print or copy to the Clipboard.