Tessera Tips

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January 2017

Starred Fields

  There are a number of fields in the Artwork Component accompanied by "Starred" buttons. This indicates that the field also includes the option to add additional values beyond what can be added to the field itself. For example it may be for historical works that there are a number of different titles under which the artwork is known. Clicking on the Starred icon reveals a field that allows you to add any number of additional values, once an initial value has been added in the primary field, where each value is separated by a new paragraph. Fields in Tessera accompanied by a star icon belong to The Dublin Core Metadata Element Set. This is a vocabulary of fifteen properties for use in resource description widely used by a range of organizations interested in facilitating movement of data between organizations. Use of these fields in Tessera allows data to be moved out from Tessera in a format suitable and familiar to many other bodies who utilize the Dublin core standard. For more information use the button provided under the starred icon.      

November 2016

Artwork List- View

This List - of artworks is an ideal way to review and sort a number of artworks at once. Use the button provided on the List - screen to select which field appears in the left-most column.  The first three choices in the menu result in bold titled columns. Selecting to sort these, and other bold columns, results in summarised details. Couple this with using the Hide Sold Artworks button to quickly review groups of available artworks.

October 2016

Try the Omit button

There's nothing mysterious about the Omit button. It simply shows the artworks that are not being shown, or omitted, from the artworks being browsed. Let's say you have 7 artworks and have conducted a search so that you are now viewing only 5 of these artworks. The Navigation bar will show (A) that you are viewing 5 records and that (B) there are a total of 7 artworks available. Use the (C) Omit button and you are now viewing the 2 artworks that were omitted and the 5 initial Artworks you found are omitted instead. Click the Omit button again to toggle between these sets. This is useful to find artworks that do not belong to your search criteria. For example: Search for artworks that belong to the artworks medium of "Oil", click the Omit button, and you are now viewing all artworks that are not marked as having an artwork medium of "Oil". Use the Show All button (E) at any time to revert to viewing all Artworks.

Hiding sold artworks

When browsing artworks in Tessera you'll usually be interested in viewing artworks that are available. But when you've conducted a search you'll often be left looking at a screen like the one below where there are a mixture of sold and in-stock artworks. (Where there is no stock available the Info Button will always be displayed in red instead of green). To temporarily hide out of stock artworks use the "Hide Sold Artworks". Now you can use the Omit button to toggle the view between sold and unsold artworks.